Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Oregon Man Gets Pinched On 18 Counts For Allegedly Ripping Off Eight Hispanic Homeowners Out Of Over $63K Peddling Bogus Loan Modification Services

In Polk County, Oregon, the Statesman-Journal reports:
  • A West Salem man has been arrested for allegedly using his position as a mortgage consultant to defraud several of his clients throughout the Willamette Valley of tens of thousands of dollars.

    Oscar Tejeda-Sandoval, 48, is accused of theft, aggravated theft, forgery and aggravated identity theft. He has been charged with a total of 18 counts.

    Salem Police Department detectives conducted a joint investigation with the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation after several victims reported being defrauded by Tejeda-Sandoval.

    According to investigators, Tejeda-Sandoval modified the mortgages of his victims and received their monthly mortgage statements. Instead of paying the mortgages as promised, the consultant kept the victims' money and used it to pay off his own debts. Tejeda-Sandoval is also accused of forging a check from a client for his personal use.

    In total Tejeda-Sandoval is accused of defrauding two financial institutions and eight people out of more than $63,000. Two victims lost their homes to foreclosure after being victimized by Tejeda-Sandoval, police said.

    All of the identified victims were of Hispanic descent and many spoke Spanish as their first language, according to court documents. Tejeda-Sandoval allegedly targeted people in McMinnville, Beaverton, Woodburn, Eugene and Salem, and investigators said they think he may have victimized others in the region. Officials are asking anyone who had questionable dealings with Tejeda-Sandoval to contact the Oregon Department of Financial Regulations at 503-947-7854.

    Tejeda-Sandoval pleaded not guilty [and] is scheduled to appear [...] at Polk County Circuit Court.

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