Wednesday, May 11, 2016

92-Year Old Man Files Lawsuit Saying Son Conned Him Into Signing Over More Than $60K In Cash, Single Family Home

In Chickasha, Oklahoma, the Chickasha Express Star reports:
  • A 92-year-old man from Chickasha is suing his son and the man’s divorce attorney claiming he was swindled out of more than $60,000 and a property in Stephens County during a divorce proceeding.

    Addie Wilson, through his attorneys The Kanehl Firm PLLC, filed the documents at the Stephens County Wednesday claiming his son William Lee Wilson defrauded him of $60,090.57 and a property in Duncan.

    The suit also claims Addie Wilson’s divorce attorney Russell Bills released the deed of the property to the plaintiff’s son without his consent.

    According to court documents, on February 2016, while Addie Wilson was divorcing a woman he married three years prior, William Wilson allegedly convinced his dad his ex-wife was going to take everything from him unless he signed over his living trust money and a property in Duncan where his son resided. Court documents claim William Wilson had no real proof of his allegations.

    “Being a 92-year-old elderly person, (Addie) Wilson believed his son,” stated the documents. “Defendant William (Wilson) and (Addie) Wilson went to Legacy Bank in Stephens County and signed over $60,090. 57 in his son’s name.”

    Russell was asked by Addie Wilson, according to court documents, to create a Quit Claim in his son’s name in December with instructions to not deliver the deed until instructed to do so.
    The suit states William Wilson refused to give the money and property back to his father when he asked for it prompting the lawsuit.

    “Defendant William (Wilson) willfully deceived and exploited the elderly plaintiff through fraud,” claimed the suit. “Defendant William (Wilson) conveyed false material misrepresentation knowing it was false ... conveyed a false material representation as a positive assertion without knowledge whether it’s false or true.”

    The suit demands the money back and property from William Wilson and attorney fees to recover the deed from Russell, plus punitive damages decided by a jury.