Monday, May 16, 2016

NY Governor On Recent Legal Action Against Sleazy NYC Landlord: "Criminal & Civil Wrongdoing That Harasses Rent Regulated Tenants Demands The Weight Of A Prosecutorial Solution!" Tackling Tenant Harassment In Housing Court Just Not Enough

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo weighs in on the contemporaneously-filed criminal charges and civil lawsuit recently filed against a notorious New York City landlord:
  • “There was a time when tenant harassment by landlords and their agents was only tackled in housing court.

    For justice to be served and for tenants to be righteously protected, criminal and civil wrongdoing that harasses rent regulated tenants demands the weight of a prosecutorial solution. When allegations surface that landlords are stalking tenants to compel fraudulent buyouts, we need stronger remedies; this is it and I thank the Attorney General and his office for continuing to work closely with the Tenant Protection Unit to help safeguard the rights of more than one million rent regulated tenants.”