Monday, May 30, 2016

Q&A For NYC Renters Living In Buildings Facing Foreclosure

In New York City, am New York reports:
  • Finding out that your apartment building is being foreclosed on -- for whatever reason -- can be a confusing and stressful time for any renter in New York City.

    Maybe you've heard rumblings in your hallway, or maybe you've received a notice on your door telling you that everything you know about your living situation may soon change; regardless, there are important facts to know when it comes to protecting your rights as a tenant.

    From building maintenance to potential eviction scenarios [...]:
  • What is the notice that was posted on my building’s door mean?
  • What if I am named as a defendant on a foreclosure, but I don’t own the building?
  • Do I still pay rent during a foreclosure? If so, who do I pay?
  • Does my landlord need to maintain the building during foreclosure?
  • I received a notice that I have a new landlord. Can I be evicted?
  • Can a new landlord raise rent while I still have a lease from my old landlord?
  • How can I confirm that the new landlord of my building is the legitimate owner?
  • What should I do if I believe my rights as a tenant are being violated?
For the answers to the above questions, see Foreclosures explained: What NYC tenants need to know.