Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Georgia Man Faces Elderly Exploitation, I.D. Theft Charges For Allegedly Using Forged Deed To Snatch & Flip Title To Property Housing Salvage Operation For $1.2 Million; 85-Year Old Victim Says She Was Merely Renting Business To The Defendant

In Forest Park, Georgia, WSB-TV Channel 2 reports:
  • An 85-year-old woman says her business and property were stolen from her. She told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that if it wasn't for a code enforcement citation, she would have never known a man took her property.

    Barbara Bell says was cited for tires on her property.

    “He had stolen my property and forged my name,” Bell told Jones.

    Investigators say Asif Mohammad forged her name on a document transferring her property to him. “I trusted him. But I wish I hadn't,” Bell said.

    Bell told Jones she was renting a salvage business to Mohammad. Then in March, she says, a code enforcement officer cited her for tires on her business property next door. That's when she asked if everything was OK at the salvage business.

    “He said, ‘Ms. Bell, it’s not in your name anymore.’ I said, ‘Yes it is,’ and he said, ‘No it's not,'” Bell told Jones.

    That’s when she discovered a document that police say connects Mohammad to the forgery. Bell and her daughter say Mohammad has sold the property.

    “There's another loan on it that adds up to $1.2 million,” daughter Barbara Miller said.

    Jones was in court [] when Mohammad went before a judge on a slew of charges, including exploitation of the elderly and identity theft. Mohammad is being held without bond.

    Bell's daughter says Mohammad seemed like such a nice guy. “It's a big betrayal because we totally trusted this guy,” Miller said. “I’m quite angry with him,” Bell said.

    Mohammad has a bond hearing coming up next month. Bell has filed a lawsuit to try and get her property back.

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