Monday, June 06, 2016

Georgia Man Returns Home After 15-Month Work-Related Trip, Finds Squatting Couple Who Moved In & Set Up Pot-Growing Operation; Pair Allegedly Used Forged Documents To Hijack Title To $350K+ Residence, Now Face Multiple Felony Charges

In Jonesboro, Georgia, the Clayton News-Daily reports:
  • A Clayton County man was surprised to discover when he returned to his Jonesboro home after traveling that a couple of strangers had taken up residence in his home, going so far as to change the locks to his house, replace his personal items with their own, and allegedly use the home to grow marijuana.

    The victim contacted the Clayton County Police Department about two weeks ago to report that squatters had taken over his Shoreline Drive home. After a two-week investigation, detectives discovered that a former Atlanta Public School teacher, Jacqueline Dennis, and her husband, Dexter Dennis, used forged documents to illegally obtain the residence valued at more than $350,000, a press release from the police department states.

    When authorities confirmed that the victim was the rightful owner of the property, he was escorted to the home by detectives and had to make entry into his home through a window.

    Once he got inside, the homeowner discovered that many of his personal possessions had been removed from the home and replaced with the personal possessions of Jacqueline and Dexter Dennis. He also found marijuana plants growing inside the home, Sgt. Ashanti Marbury reported.

    Narcotics agents were called and after obtaining a search warrant they found several ounces of marijuana, Schedule IV prescription pills, materials that are commonly associated with the function of a marijuana grow operation, drug paraphernalia and firearms, police said.

    Detectives also seized the documents allegedly used by the Dennises to illegally obtain the residence along with documents that led agents and detectives to believe that Jacqueline and Dexter Dennis may be sovereign citizens, Marbury stated.

    Those claiming to be sovereign citizens generally assert they are not subject to any federal, state or local laws. They have been known to be uncooperative with law enforcement and other government officials.

    Jacqueline and Dexter Dennis were arrested [] and booked into the Clayton County Jail.

  • A Clayton County homeowner returned from a 15-month trip to find a woman and her husband living there illegally, according to Channel 2 Action News. [...] Det. Nicholas Deaton told Channel 2 the homeowner left in December 2014 to do contract work in Haiti.
    Jacqueline Dennis is charged with forgery, ID fraud, burglary, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and violation of local drug laws. Her husband is charged with marijuana manufacturing with the intent to distribute.

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