Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Despite Earlier Jail Time & Huge Civil Judgment, Sleazy Phoenix-Area Real Estate Operator With History Of Running Housing Scams Appears Again On Media Radar

In Phoenix, Arizona, KTVK-TV Channel 3 reports:
  • It's a name that's the subject of our reports several times over – Derek Walker Bollwinkel.

    The Gilbert man with a history of conning people continues to come up on our radar.

    He's done jail time twice in the past for forgery and criminal impersonation. He was busted for forging homeowners' names and renting out their empty homes in foreclosure.

    Just last summer, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich came down on Bollwinkel and his wife, Sydnee, with a $2.1 million judgment for a housing scam they ran on Craigslist. Our undercover cameras caught him in the act.

    One might think jail time and a huge civil judgment would stop Bollwinkel in his tracks.

    But after following him for years, we again find him embroiled in yet another scam involving cons, Craigslist and cash.

    At the center of this latest incident is a run-down old house in Mesa that brought an unlikely cast of characters together. [more]

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