Saturday, November 05, 2016

Cops Pinch Landlord For Allegedly Booting Tenants' Dog Across Room & Into Wall While Trying To Boot Them Out Of Rented Apartment

In Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania, the Observer-Reporter reports:
  • A Nemacolin man was arrested [] for allegedly kicking his tenants’ small dog into a wall over late rent payments, Cumberland Township police said.

    Police said John Thomas Walker, 46, [...], was trying to evict his tenants, Shanelle Smitley and Ronald Conard Jr., [] when he walked into their apartment, located downstairs below his residence, and kicked their Jack Russell terrier across the room and into the wall. Police said they found the dog crouched down and shaking beside the bed.

    According to court documents, Walker was intoxicated at the time with a blood-alcohol content of 0.091. He told investigators the tenants hadn’t paid rent and he told them to leave the property, court documents indicate.

    After Walker entered their home, police said, he screamed at the tenants, attempted to punch Conard and refused to leave their home. Once he left, Conard locked the door, the complaint said. Walker then took a hammer and began striking the door and door knob causing “major damage” to the door, police said.

    Police said Conard was treated at the scene for anxiety and chest pain.

    Walker faces charges of burglary, cruelty to animals, simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. [...]

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