Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dozens Of Residents In Popular Central Coast RV Park Sent Scrambling For New Accommodations, Find No Options After Receiving Vacate Notices To Make Way For New Development

In Santa Maria, California, KETT-TV Channel 3 reports:
  • Dozens of people living at a popular RV park in Santa Maria will soon have to find another place to call home after receiving Notices to Vacate to make way for new development.

    Tenants of the Santa Maria Pines Campground RV park have known for awhile they may be living on borrowed time.

    A new Hampton Inn hotel is going in right next door on the corner of Preisker Drive and North Broadway and the City of Santa Maria is focused on improving the North Broadway area as a gateway to the city.

    Notices to Vacate as early as next week have been sent to Santa Maria Pines tenants many of whom have nowhere else to go.

    "All of these people have been trying to call places around, looking, and they were told they have nowhere to go", says park tenant and resident manager Sharon Dugan, "they are really stressed out, they’re worried, they don’t know what to do at this point."

    "We have people from out of state coming here that have contracts to go to work here and they are depending on this place", says park resident and former Campground employee Javier Paz, "I don’t know what they’re going to do but there isn’t any camping for these trailers available around the Central Coast, everything is booked up for months."

    Scott Burns says he and his wife, a traveling nurse, have called the Santa Maria Pines Campground home for the past few years saying they found it more convenient to live in an RV than in other housing options.

    "Usually there’s 10 to 15 traveling nurses in this complex anywhere from Emergency Room people all the way up to the Pediatrics Unit which is where my wife is", Burns says, "if we don’t have a place to stay, I’m not going to have her drive 30, 40 or 50 miles one way just to come here to work."
For the story, see Santa Maria RV park tenants get evicted (Notices to Vacate at Santa Maria Pines Campground).

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