Friday, November 25, 2016

Five Family Members Plead Guilty To Defrauding Gov't Out Of $100K In Section 8 Housing Benefits; Trial Pending For 6th Co-Conspirator; Defendants Failed To Report Income To Housing Authority, Illegally Rented Home From Landlord/Relative In Violation Of Regulations

In Santa Ana, California, The Orange County Register reports:
  • Five family members have pleaded guilty to theft- and fraud-related charges after admitting to improperly receiving more than $100,000 in government subsidies for housing assistance.

    Prosecutors said that beginning in 2003 the family members received rental assistance from the Santa Ana Housing Authority and the Orange County Housing Authority, agencies that provide rental assistance to low-income adults.

    The agreement called for the family to pay $99 a month for rent, while the remaining $1,850 was subsidized.

    However, authorities say, the family failed to report $83,000 it received in wire transfers from China, as well as money one of them got from selling suspected counterfeit merchandise.

    Authorities also allege that the family was renting a home owned by relatives, breaking another rule for receiving the housing assistance.

    On Tuesday, pleading guilty to multiple felonies were: John Giang Ly, 27, Linda Gia Ly, 23, and Thu Ha Le, 54, of Westminster; and Anh Tuyet Ly, 65, and Dong Hong Phan, 75, of Fountain Valley.

    Their sentences ranged from 14 days in jail to three years in prison. They were also ordered to pay $176,613 in restitution.

    Still awaiting trial was Thang Chinh Ly, 66, of Westminster, who was facing felony counts of perjury, aid by misrepresentation and grand theft. If convicted, Ly faces up to 13 years, four months in prison.

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