Saturday, December 10, 2016

Another Veteran Attorney Gets Bar Boot For "Shamelessly" Mishandling Hundred$ Of Thousand$ In Client Funds, Failing To Keep & Produce Proper Trust Account Records

In Clinton Township. New Jersey, reports:
  • A Hunterdon County attorney who has been practicing law for more than three decades has been disbarred (Disciplinary Review Board decision; disbarment order) by the state Supreme Court.

    Walter N. Wilson, whose law office was in the Annandale section of the township, had his license suspended in January 2015 after he failed to supply the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics with requested information on clients and attorney trust accounts.
    The court voted eight in favor, with one abstention, to disbar Wilson based on an eight-count ethics complaint. The effective date of his disbarment was Thursday. Attempts to reach Wilson [] were unsuccessful.

    "The record clearly establishes that respondent systematically helped himself to trust funds either to suit his own personal needs or those of other clients or third parties," the court wrote in its decision. "What is clear is that he did so shamelessly, without authorization, and to the substantial detriment of those clients and third parties. For this, he must be disbarred."
    The complaint detailed seven instances where Wilson mismanaged clients' funds, as well as mishandled their interests, which ranged from property transactions to funding trust accounts. The eighth complaint focused on how he misused his attorney trust account.
For the story, see N.J. attorney disbarred for misusing clients' funds.

For the disbarment decision, see In re Walter N. Wilson.

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