Thursday, February 09, 2017

Missouri Woman Takes Three-Year Fight To Free Elderly Mom From Court-Ordered Guardianship 'Prison' To State Legislature; Victim Said To Want To Be Around Family, Not Involuntarily Confined In Nursing Home w/ Strangers

In Sikeston, Missouri, KFVS-TV Channel 12 reports:
  • The daughter of a Sikeston, Missouri woman who is fighting to get her mom out of a guardianship is taking her battle to Jefferson City.

    Teala Mainzer testified on Wednesday, February 1 before a Senate Committee on behalf of Senate Bill 104.

    Sponsored by Cape Girardeau Republican and Missouri Sen. Wayne Wallingford, the measure would require the court to prove that a spouse or family member is not able to care for that loved one before placing them with a third party like a public administrator.

    Mainzer's been fighting to bring her mom home for nearly three years.

    "My desire is to bring her back home to her family, where she wants to be," Mainzer said. "She never wanted to be in a nursing home. I mean, she wouldn't want to be under the care of a stranger. She wants to be around her children. She's happy when her kids are around."

    Missouri Sen. Wallingford says he's encouraged the measure will be voted out of committee in the next couple of weeks.
Source: Sikeston woman fights to get mother out of a guardianship.

Go here for earlier posts on the abuse of court-ordered guardianship to hijack control of the elderly & infirm, then pillage or otherwise deplete the victims' assets (cash, real estate, etc.) through unnecessary fees, expenditures, etc.

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