Friday, April 07, 2017

Contractor Gets Off Easy For Fleecing Two Homeowners Out Of $45K; Gets 24 Months Probation, To Be Allowed To Buy Out Of 60 Days Jail Time So Long As He Makes Prompt Restitution Payments Of $600/Month

In Pittsburg, Kansas, The Morning Sun reports:
  • Steven A. Gaches was sentenced to 24 months probation by District Court Judge Robert J. Fleming Thursday afternoon [March 9] in Crawford County District Court in Pittsburg.

    Gaches was convicted late last year on two counts of theft by deception in a 2015 case, for taking approximately $45,000 from a pair of victims in exchange for materials and labor for home improvements which were never completed in 2014.

    Fleming gave Gaches an underlying sentence of 12 months on each count, to run consecutively, and ordered $45,000 in restitution — $30,000 to one victim and $15,000 to the other — as well as court costs. Fleming also ordered 60 days in the county jail, but put that on hold so long as Gaches makes the $600 per month restitution payments on time.

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