Saturday, April 29, 2017

Health Care Operator Announces Plans To Close Nursing Home, Leaves Over Three Dozen Elderly Patients Scrambling For New Places To Live, 70 Employees Out Of Work, Local Business Leader Looking For New Owner To Keep Facility Open

In Crandon, Wisconsin, WXPR Radio 91.7 FM reports:
  • Residents at the Crandon Nursing Home, family members and social workers are scrambling to find new places for elderly patients to live.

    Mark Ferris, Executive Director of the Forest County Economic Development Partnership says it's a crisis for the community.

    AGI Healthcare, owners of the nursing home, notified city and county officials [] that the facility will be closed. 38 residents live there, and the home employs 70 people. Ferris described the home as a "vital" employer in the community. The exact date for the closing hasn't been confirmed.

    "We are now dealing in a crisis, emergency situation that leaves very little wiggle room to keep the nursing home open," Ferris said in a statement. "We understand there can be business issues, but we believe this decision was in place long before we were notified."

    Efforts to find a new owner have started, including contacting community members, in efforts to keep the nursing home open.

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