Friday, May 26, 2017

Probe Reveals Landlord Allegedly Pocketed Section 8 Rent Subsidies From Two Housing Authorities For Same Unit For Extended Time Periods; HUD To End $120K Month Payments, Forcing Low-Income Tenants To Find New Apartments

In Miami, Florida, WTVJ-TV Channel 6 reports:
  • A landlord who owns 11 buildings will no longer be able to do business with Miami-Dade Public Housing after an investigation concluded that he had been violating HUD regulations.

    Edward Daniel receives about $120,000 a month in Section 8 vouchers from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to his attorney. 120 tenants live in the 11 buildings he owns throughout Miami-Dade, Miami Beach and Hialeah.

    “The most egregious or most disturbing was the fact that he accepted payments from two housing authorities for the same unit for extended periods of time,” said Michael Liu, Miami-Dade Public Housing Director.

    For almost two years, HUD investigators have been looking at Daniel’s business practices after the NBC 6 Investigators inquired about a tip with allegations of serious irregularities going on at a building in Miami that had been approved to receive Section 8 vouchers.
    He had [also] been charging some Section 8 tenants for reserved parking – something that’s not allowed by the HUD. His attorney told NBC 6 that Daniel has agreed to return that money, which amounts to less than $7,000. It’s part of a settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s office.

    As for the HUD’s investigation, Director Liu says he has seen enough.

    We will no longer approve of any leases with this landlord,” Liu said.
    As for the Section 8 tenants, they will be allowed to stay in Daniel's units until their leases expire. After that, they may be required to find other units that accept their vouchers because HUD will no longer be approving new leases with Daniel.

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