Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Problems Dealing With Dubious Deeds Not Limited To Urban, Big City Recording Officials

In Branch County, Michigan (pop. approx. 45,000), WTVB Radio 1590 AM reports:
  • Elder abuse remains a growing problem and it might surprise you where evidence of the increased number of cases can be found. Branch County Register of Deeds Nancy Hutchins says there is a lot of fraud happening with deeds being filed after an unsuspecting mother or father, for example, turns over a piece of property to a relative under false pretenses.

    According to Hutchins, there is nothing her office can do to prevent, in her words, “some shyster” from coercing a relative to deed over, say, a family farm. She also said it can get interesting when someone passes away and the children all show up to record questionable documents.

    Hutchins, who is a member of the Coldwater Sunrise Rotary Club, told the group last week that she and her staff are always on the lookout for customers that try to pass off a tale or two that clearly raise doubts about their authenticity. She quipped they can always tell when there is a full moon just by the people that come in to their office at the Courthouse Annex on Pearl Street, the questions they ask and the stories they want to share.

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