Friday, June 09, 2017

Homeowner: He Fleeced Me Out Of $13K For Home Improvement Work That Left My House Torn Up; Suspect Pinched On Theft By Deception Charge

In Louisville, Kentucky, WAVE-TV Channel 3 reports:
  • A Louisville man was arrested Tuesday [May 23] for a crime he's accused of having committed in February.

    Wallace Begley, 56, and a second, unnamed defendant offered a woman help with some home repairs, according to Begley's arrest report. The two suspects "would come to the (woman's) home and act like they were working, tearing up (her) home," the report said.

    The defendants collected $13,000 in payments from the woman, but "the work was not getting done," according to the report.

    Police said the woman's electricity didn't work, her door didn't close and her home "is torn up."

    Begley is charged with one count of theft by deception. It's not clear what the other suspect's charges are.

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