Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mobile Home Park Landlord's Sale Of Premises May Leave Some Lot-Leasing Homeowners Homeless; City's $2,500 Offer To Relocate Aging, Unmovable Trailers Gives No Assistance To Residents Getting The Boot

In Fairborn Ohio, WDTN-TV Channel 2 reports:
  • Residents of Glen Acres mobile home park in Fairborn will soon be looking for a place to live.

    The owners of the park sent the eviction notices because they plan to sell the land to the city of Fairborn.

    City officials say they’re willing to pay the mobile home residents to relocate, however some people don’t have any place to go.

    Patricia Ann Collins has lived in the Glen Acre’s trailer park since 1986. She’s one of six units facing eviction.

    “It makes me feel like anyone that lives in a mobile home is always looked down on to begin with and him not calling back makes me feel like I’m a piece of trash,”sad Collins.

    Collins is referring to Fairborn’s Community Development Director and Assistant City Manager, Michael Gebhart.

    Gebhart’s name is in the eviction letters from the property owners lawyers along with an offer of $2,500 from the city to help relocate the remaining trailers at Glen Acres.

    However, residents say they haven’t been able to reach the city and say trailers can’t be moved.

    One man feared being on camera, but explained the situation as, “You can’t relocate a 25-year-old trailer. The axle and everything underneath is too old. None of the companies around here are willing to do it.”

    Taxpayer money will be used to relocate the trailers and officials say the city will not purchase the land unless the tenants are gone.

    “It’s called a mobile home for a reason. Not to be insensitive, but for us to put up $2,500 to help with that move , that’s the most we can do,” said Michael Gebhart.

    Some residents have left, while others don’t have a place to go.

    “I have no where to go and live, and I’m just going to sit here tell the end I guess,” said Collins.

    The owners of the park did not respond to 2 NEWS when we called them and their lawyers.
Source: Pending sale of mobile home park to City of Fairborn leaves residents worried.

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