Saturday, June 03, 2017

Tenants Complain About Living Conditions In Apartment Complex; Landlord Responds By Giving Them 30 Days To Pack Their Bags & Get Out

In College Park, Georgia, WGCL-TV Channel 46 reports:
  • People at one apartment complex in College Park say their living conditions are a health hazard and after complaining to management, they're now facing eviction.

    Several residents at Avery Park Town Homes signed a petition and after it was brought to the attention of management, they received eviction notices.

    Several people told CBS46 their air conditioners aren't working. One family said they found bugs in their bedroom last year. Others said their floors are weak and are in danger of caving in. The people said their maintenance request go unanswered. One woman decided to write a petition but was given an eviction letter as a response.

    "She gave me a 30 day notice telling me that I have to leave on the 31st of this month saying I violated my lease," Geradine Evans told CBS46.

    Evans said she's being targeted and always pays her rent on time. CBS46 went to the leasing office to get the manager's side of the story but was told, "no comment." Evans said she's not moving out and plans to hire a lawyer.