Saturday, July 22, 2017

City Forecloses Land Out From Under Mobile Home Park, Then Gives 62 Long-Time, Lot-Leasing Homeowners 60 Days To Pack Their Bags & Take A Hike

In Lake City, South Carolina, WBTW-TV Channel 13 reports:
  • A group created by the Lake City Council plans to force more than 50 families out of their homes. People in the Wedgefield Mobile Home Park received a letter telling them they have 60 days to move.

    News13’s Kiahnna Patterson found out there’s nothing planned for the property.

    Lake City Police Chief Kipp Coker confirms this is the same area that had problems with gangs just about four months ago, but could not say if this is the reason people are being forced to leave the property.

    Casandra Gilliard said if she had enough money to move, she would have moved two years ago when a bullet hit her home. "This hole right there is where the bullet entered,” said Gilliard. “The people that live over here never have any problems.”

    “It’s the outsiders that don’t live in the trailer park that bring the problems,” added her neighbor, Ronda McDowell.

    Gillard and her neighborhood received a letter on June 27, saying they have 60 days to move.

    Everybody over here is basically on a fixed income,” said Gillard. “For us to find land and move a mobile home within 60 days, it’s impossible. Also, there is not a lot of land in the area.”

    “It’s just too much. It will take at least $3,000 or $4,000 to get it straightened out,” said McDowell. “It’s very stressful and I don’t need this stress at my age.”

    “We’re trying to build a better community, but how do you just buy someone out and kick the people out. This is a community where people have lived for decades… their whole life. There’s no understanding to it,” said Dwayne Brown.

    A report of sale document obtained by News13 says last month the Greater Lake City Community Development office purchased the foreclosed land for $75,000.

    The organization’s spokesperson, Shane Prince, said there are no plans for the property right now. He said they’ll decide after they clear the land and cut the grass. “We’re doing projects all through town,” said Prince.

    Prince did not say if the change is related to crime. “Everything we do is for the betterment of Lake City,” he explained.

    As for the 62 families in the mobile park, they hope the office allows them to stay or gives them an extension. “We’ll just keep on searching and praying that God will answer our prayer over here. I know he will,” said Sandra Hannah.

    Prince said the office will help families move on by creating a list of rental and properties for sale in the area. That list should be available next week.
Source: More than 50 Lake City families forced to move from homes.

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  • The organization won the land in an auction for $75,000 after an unexpected foreclosure. Residents are scared because they don't know what they're going to do or where they're going to go.