Saturday, July 08, 2017

Housing Search Continues For 40 Booted, Low-Income Residents After New Landlord's Decision To Refuse Section 8 Subsidized Tenants, Renovate Premises & Boost Rents Displaced Over 100 Households

In Garner, North Carolina, WTVD-TV Channel 11 reports:
  • Forty low-income neighbors at a Garner apartment complex are still struggling to find a place to live after the developer decided to renovate and remove Section 8 vouchers from its tenancy.

    Right now 100 households are receiving help from different agencies, such as property companies and Wake County Commissioners. And this week, a new property management group is coming forward to help.

    But residents and activists say they are disappointed that the Town of Garner, whose municipal offices sit across the street from Forest Hills Apartments, has done little to help residents.
    In a statement, they said the Town is "sympathetic to Forest Hills residents, but absent a housing subsidy program, it is difficult to find a solution that is fair and equitable to all the citizens of Garner."

    Officials told ABC11 in the statement that town officials have worked closely with the appropriate resource agencies to help obtain assistance and housing options for the residents of Forest Hills Apartments. They have also spoken to and met with the complex's property manager to seek more time for residents to find new housing.

    A Garner spokesman also noted that the Town funds a number of local, established nonprofits that provide various forms of assistance to residents in need in the Garner area, and pointed out that "Garner is a diverse community that is known for its affordable and workforce housing supply."

    Wake County leaders report 100 households have found new homes, and they are actively assisting 14.

    Part of that help will include a one-time funding of $25,000 toward emergency assistance specifically for residents still looking.

    Back in March, tenants received eviction notices. The owner of the complex, Eller Capital will be renovating the property and won't accept Section 8 vouchers when it reopens.

    The company gave residents until last week to leave. But Eller Capital, who will only say 'the company is in full compliance with all of its legal obligations under the resident lease agreements', seems to be giving some folks time to linger as they firm up moving plans.
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