Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Residents Of Deteriorating Senior Retirement Home Facing Foreclosure Finally Get The Word: You Have A Month To Pack Your Bags

In Topeka, Kansas, KSNT-TV Channel 27 reports:
  • Documents reveal the owners of Valley Springs Senior Retirement Home did not make their mortgage payments. Now, elderly tenants of the home will have to find a new place to live.

    Residents found out about their eviction on Monday [June 26]. They were told they have until the end of July to find a new home and move out.

    Donna Silsby moved into the retirement home about five months ago.

    She said, “I have family here, it’s why I moved here to begin with. So I really have no idea where I will go.”

    The grounds of the Valley Springs Retirement Home are overgrown and appear not to have been maintained for some time.

    “It’s dark out here at night. We’ve got elderly people out here,” said Valley Springs Resident James Underbird. “We’ve got one that’s 96 years old, losing her eye sight and basically she’s afraid.”

    There are 24 apartments at the complex. Residents tell KSNT News that half of them are occupied, but not for long.

    “I would not bring my parents to live in a place like this the Way it looks now,” said Underbird.

    The property is being foreclosed upon by Sunflower Bank, out of Salina. Residents have been told to pay any monies owed to Sunflower bank.

    They will get $1,500 to help with moving expenses. $750 when they sign the move-out agreement and another $750 after they move out.

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