Friday, August 04, 2017

Tenant-Victims Of NYC Apartment Building Explosion Allegedly Caused By Illegal Gas Delivery System Move To Request Freeze Of Landlord's Assets Pending Dozens Of Civil Lawsuits, Manslaughter Charges

In New York City, The Real Deal (New York City) reports:
  • Victims of the deadly 2015 building explosion in the East Village want compensation, and they are going after landlord Maria Hrynenko to get it.

    Hrynenko, the former owner of the property where a gas explosion destroyed three buildings, faces dozens of lawsuits and manslaughter charges for her role in the explosion — she allegedly used an illegal cost-cutting gas delivery system. To cover her legal costs, Hrynenko was forced to sell the now rubble filled lots.

    On May 2, Yaniv Shaky Cohen’s Nexus Building Development Group Inc. — called Avenue Second Owner LLC in the sale documents — purchased 119 and 121 Second Avenue for $9.15 million, according to public records.

    But victims worry that they will never see their slice of that cash. To ensure they get their due, the victims have filed a legal motion asking that a judge forbid Hrynenko from “removing, destroying, selling, assigning, gifting, encumbering and otherwise disposing” of cash from the sale, according to the New York Post.