Sunday, January 29, 2017

Major Mobile Home Park Landlord Resolves Fair Housing Complaint By Agreeing To Cough Up $5K, Granting Complaining Tenants Permission To Erect & Maintain Chain-Link Fences Around Their Yards So As To Allow Their Hearing-Impaired Kids To Play In Controlled Environment

From the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (Washington, D.C.):
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced [] two agreements between the owners and managers of Plainview Mobile Home Park in Casper, Wyoming, and two families who complained they were unlawfully denied the reasonable modifications they needed. Read the Conciliation Agreements here and here.
    The cases came to HUD’S attention when the Wyoming families filed complaints alleging that RHP Properties, Inc., located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the company’s owner, and its former regional manager denied their requests of reasonable modifications needed by members of their families. Specifically, the families claimed that RHP Properties denied their requests to erect chain-link fences around their yards so that their children, who are deaf or hard of hearing, could play in a controlled environment.

    RHP is the largest mobile home park owner/manager in the nation, controlling more than 60,000 rental lots in 28 states.

    Under the two agreements, RHP agreed to provide monetary relief,(1) grant the families permission to erect and maintain chain-link fences, and purchase and install “Deaf Child at Play” signs at designated locations throughout the mobile home park. RHP also agreed to adopt reasonable accommodation and reasonable modification policies that are consistent with the Fair Housing Act, give copies of the policies to all new tenants applying to live at any of the properties they own and/or manage, and post fair housing posters in the rental offices for those properties.
Source: HUD Approves Fair Housing Agreements Between Wyoming Landlords And Families Claiming Discrimination.
(1) The mobile home park operator agreed to cough up $5,000, according to this agreement.