Thursday, May 31, 2007

Homes Used As Marijuana Grow Ops A Concern For Some

Realty Times reports today a story from Canada regarding the increased use of single family homes being used as marijuana grow operations . According to the story:

  • "An increasing number of grow ops are being discovered across the country, leaving mortgage lenders and sometimes unsuspecting new homeowners with dangerously contaminated homes. The cultivation of large amounts of marijuana in confined spaces gives rise to safety issues involving mold from excess moisture, as well as contamination from the use of fungicides and insecticides, various solvents and other chemicals used for various purposes."
For more, see National Remediation Strategy Urged for Marijuana Grow Ops.


In addition, the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported a story about the problems landlords face when their tenants turn a rental home into a marijuana "grow room." The story includes the plight faced by one landlord who actually went through this nightmare; the pot-growing tenant actually threatened to sue the landlord -- for mold. For more, see Hard to just say 'no' to marijuana-growing tenants.

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