Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DC AG Targets Tax Lien Investor In Alleged Legal Fee Ripoff Of Delinquent Taxpayer-Homeowners

In Washington, D.C., the Washington Examiner reports:
  • A prolific purchaser of D.C. property tax liens is the subject of a District government lawsuit filed on behalf of delinquent taxpayers who are threatened with having to pay high legal fees in order to reclaim their properties. D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles last week filed a consumer protection lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court against Chicago-based Aeon Financial LLC, [...].

  • D.C. law allows tax lien holders to recoup some expenses, but Aeon "has engaged in a pattern of charging and collecting impermissible or excessive legal fees" of nearly $6,000 per property, the District alleges in court documents. Those are costs that many homeowners "will falsely believe that they must pay."

For more, see D.C. sues aggressive tax lien buyer over 'excessive' fees.

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