Friday, January 01, 2010

Deteriorating Conditions Threaten Tenants With Loss Of Homes As Another Apartment Building Faces Foreclosure

In St. Paul, Minnesota, KARE-TV Channel 11 reported last week:
  • Melting snow has created a big problem for residents at 1015 York Avenue. Not only is the property in foreclosure, but residents are tired of reoccurring problems. "Water has leaked into nine apartments here," Saint Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard says.

  • The looks and sounds of things proved it wasn't much of a Merry Christmas for some families. "I've been crying all morning, so I'm tired of it," Lorraine Wilson says. "We had all the food on the table, we were sitting and eating and all of a sudden it starting dripping, falling from the ceiling."

  • The snow, rain and ice from the last few days was just too much for the roof above them. The pipe that drains water from the roof froze, leaving the standing water with no where to go but down and through the ceilings. "To be paying rent you shouldn't have to live like this," Wilson says.

For more, see Residents chose to stay despite mold warnings. RentSigmaSkimming

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