Saturday, April 23, 2011

1st Family Relegated To FEMA Trailer As Bank Of China Forecloses On White House; Commander-In-Chief Blames Payment Screw-Up Caused By Budget Cuts

In Washington, D.C., The Spoof reports:
  • In the most embarrassing snafu of his administration, U. S. President Barack Obama announced at a press conference this afternoon, "The White House has been reposessed.""This is Orwellian," President Obama hastened to explain.
  • "Due to congressional mandated budget cuts, the person in charge of actually sending the mortgage check to the bank was let go last summer. I am told the job was recently outsourced to a company in India."
  • "After 120 days of non-payment, the bank's computer automatically filed foreclosure documents with the 1st Circuit Court of Washington, D.C., which in turn automatically processed the foreclosure application without human intervention, and consequently, title to the White House automatically reverted back to the lender, The Bank of China."
  • "This is a simple clerical mistake," President Obama opined.
  • "As we speak, government lawyers are negotiating a settlement. Let me assure you, Michelle and I, and the girls, fully expect to move back into the White House, in a couple of weeks."
  • Representatives of The Bank of China could not be reached for comment.

Source: Bank of China Forecloses on White House (Historic Landmark Reposessed; Obama Family Moves into FEMA Trailer on East Lawn).

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