Thursday, November 19, 2015

Deadbeats Invoking Sovereign Citizen Rights Continue Snatching Vacant Foreclosed Homes; Despite Arrest, Crackpot Returns To Premises After Posting Bail

In Charlotte, North Carolina, WCNC-TV reports:
  • A woman and as many as nine other people are refusing to leave a home in one of Charlotte's wealthiest neighborhoods.

    Ninti el Bey moved into the empty home that is in foreclosure on Kelly Woods Lane in Piper Glen late this summer.

    Bey filed a cease and desist order against the Piper Glen Estates Association and is fighting to keep the house, even though she is not the owner and does not pay any rent.

    This is a case similar to others across the nation where sovereign rights groups like the Moorish Nation take over empty houses, make threats and file nuisance lawsuits knowing full well it will take a long time for them to legally be evicted.

    "This is a masterful plan," said Attorney Jerry Miller, who represents the association that is trying to have Bey removed from the house.

    Miller read from a portion of the cease and desist order that says, "...there is a very important person/diplomat from the International Indigenous Trust residing in the community and there will be no trespassing allowed."

    The order also says, "This is private property and the right to bear arms is fully executed."

    Last Saturday, the Boston bank that legally owns the house while it is in foreclosure filed a criminal complaint against Bey and she was arrested. She was charged with breaking and entering and three other charges.

    Hours later she posted bail, and neighbors say she went right back to the house.

    A neighbor who did not want to be identified for fear Bey would file a suit against him said, "I wouldn't want this to happen in any community. You just don't get to steal houses."

    The homeowners association in now fining the bank $300 a day for everyday Bey remains in the house.

    Banks usually leave the power turned on in empty houses for security reasons, but the association is now asking that the power be turned off in this house, hoping that will force Bey out.
Source: Squatters refuse to leave pricey home in Piper Glen.

For story follow-up, see Accused squatter in pricey Piper Glen home arrested again; suspect gets pinched again for reoccupying home after release from jail.

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