Saturday, November 28, 2015

Habitual Criminal Who Professed Her Love For 88-Year Old Man Gets 200 Years In Prison For Taking Advantage Of Him; Victim Spent Thousands, Put Up His Home As Collateral To Continue Bailing Her Out Of Jail

In Arvada, Colorado, KUSA-TV Channel 9 reports:
  • A woman who took advantage of an elderly man was sentenced to more than 200 years behind bars [last week].

    Jack Woods, 88, posted an ad in the paper for a housekeeper.

    Jana Bergman, who was in jail at the time, answered the ad. Not long after, Bergman confessed her love for Woods. Bergman was a habitual criminal and was in and out of jail frequently. Woods continued to bail her out, spending thousands of dollars.

    At one point, Woods put his house up as collateral to bail her out.

    Bergman was physically abusive. Officials say she punched and kicked Woods down the stairs. Bergman was found guilty on numerous charges including attempted manslaughter and robbing an at-risk adult. Bergman still has five criminal cases pending in the Denver metro area.

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