Saturday, May 14, 2016

Another Boise-Area Mobile Home Park To Shut Down, Leaving Nearly 100 Low-Income Residents Facing The Boot; New Landowner Offers No Reasons For Closure, Gives Only Six Months' Notice To Pack Up & Leave; Many Elderly, Social Security-Dependent Locals Own Trailers Too Old & Expensive To Move To Other Locations

In Nampa, Idaho, KTVB-TV Channel 7 reports:
  • Nearly 100 people in Nampa will soon be without a place to live. This comes after the owner of the Karcher Village Mobile Home Park surprised residents there with eviction notices Monday night.

    This is the second trailer park in Nampa to close in as many months.

    Residents of the Rushmore Mobile Home Park just up the road were told last month that they'd have to leave as soon as the failing septic system gave out.(1)

    At Karcher Village there are no health concerns to speak of, but still residents have been told they need to go.

    "It's home. I've lived here most of my life. It's home," said Linda Monosso. Linda Monosso has lived here at the Karcher Village Mobile Home Park for 42 years. “It's within walking distance of my pharmacy and my bank," she said.

    Monday night, Linda and the nearly 100 other residents were served eviction notices.

    In a letter from his attorney, the owner of the park gave no reason as to why he is closing the park. The residents were simply told they have six months to remove their trailers.

    ‘We just can't do it. Where are we gonna put the trailer? Even if we could afford to move it,” said Cat McPherren.

    Cat McPherren grew up at Karcher Village and now lives here with her mother Linda Monosso. She says many of the residents here are elderly and live off of Social Security.

    To make matters worse, their trailers are too old for other parks to take them in. “We just have no options,” said McPherren.

    The park's owner told residents that if they leave their trailers behind, they will be billed for the removal - another expense for folks who are already living on a shoestring.

    Where are we gonna get money to move the trailer? Where are we gonna get money to pay rent that's higher than we can afford? If I have to, I'll pitch a tent down by the river,” said Everett Reed.

    For the woman who has lived here since 1974, Linda Monosso never thought she'd have to pay to start a new life somewhere else. “The only thing I could think to possibly do would be to use my burial money,” she said.

    We did reach out to Joshua Taylor, the attorney for the owner of this mobile home park to ask him what led to the decision to close it down. Our calls were not returned.

    City officials told KTVB this was the first they had heard about the closing.

    As it stands now, the residents have to be out by Halloween.
Source: Residents told they must leave Nampa mobile home park.
(1) See Failure Of Aging Septic Tank Triggers Mass Eviction In Boise-Area Trailer Park (Low-Income Residents Fear Loss Of Their Mobile Homes As Lack Of Funds May Prevent Them From Moving Structures From Rented Lots).