Thursday, June 30, 2016

Central Florida Contractor Stiffs Roofing Supply Company, Leaving Dozens Of Paid-In-Full Customers With Liens Slapped On Their Homes By Outfit They Never Heard Of

In Pasco County, Florida, WFTS-TV Channel 28 reports:
  • 70 and counting. That’s how many Pasco County homeowners investigators said a roofing company ripped off.

    “This is supposed to be my future home. And it’s like, are you kidding me? I have a lien against it,” said Joan Joseph.

    Joseph is still furious after paying thousands for a new roof, only to find a lien on her Hudson home. Joseph said she went to Ike’s Roofing to do the job and she was happy with the work. “I had no complaints about my roof. Beautiful job,” she said.

    But after paying Ike’s the balance, she said a company she never heard of, Suncoast Roofers Supply, put a lien against her home.

    According to SRS, Ike’s and owner John Iacovino never paid them for the materials used for the new roof.

    “He’s a thief as far as I’m concerned,” said Joseph.

    Under Florida law, companies can go after homeowners for unpaid supplies, even if the contractor was paid in full.

    That’s why Pasco Sheriff’s Detective Darren Hill said you should protect yourself by getting a lien release.

    “Basically until you get the full waiver of lien, don’t pay the contractor that remaining balance. Because if that balance doesn’t get paid, you need to pay it directly to the supplier, that way you don’t get a lien placed on your property,” Hill said.

    In just three weeks Hill said he’s found evidence of least 70 victims. Many of them are elderly.(1)

    But to make matters more complicated, Ike’s Roofing owner was arrested last year after deputies found him passed out behind the wheel of his work truck. Also in that truck, a glass pipe, syringes, and prescription pills.

    Investigators said Iacovino is now in rehab facility and will face arrest when he gets out.

    When we showed up to Ike’s Roofing Friday, we found the gate locked and a sign that said “Keep Out. This is not Ike’s Roofing.”

    Meanwhile Joan got an attorney and said the supply company did drop the lien on her home. But she still wants Ike’s owner to be held responsible. “Basically he stole my money and that’s just wrong to do,” she said.

    An attorney for the supply company said SRS is suing Ike’s Roofing for all the unpaid bills.

    They also said some of the liens have been dropped.
Source: Roofing customers hit with liens even after paying in full (Owner facing arrest).
(1) The Florida Homeowners' Construction Recovery Fund is a fund of last resort that is available to a natural person [ie. a human being, as opposed to a business entity - corporations are not considered to be "people" for purposes of administering this fund] who has suffered monetary damages by the financial mismanagement or misconduct of a contractor, and who has exhausted all other resources of payment. The Construction Industry Licensing Board makes the determination of eligibility for an award. For more:
But see, Action 9 investigates state recovery fund meant to help homeowners for a story on how some homeowners claimed they got the run-around from this fund. mechanics lien

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