Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Connecticut Man Gets Pinched For Allegedly Swiping $220K Condo Out From Under His 84-Year Old, Dementia-Stricken Mom With Forged Deed

In Stamford, Connecticut, the Stamford Advocate reports:
  • The 62-year-old son of a Shippan woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia has been charged by police with forging a quitclaim deed that purportedly gave him possession of his mother’s $220,000 condominium.

    According to the arrest affidavit charging Marcos Robalino with criminal attempt at first-degree and second-degree larceny, police received a complaint last November from Robalino’s niece that he was trying to scam his ailing mother out of her Shippan Avenue condo.

    The woman told police that her 84-year-old grandmother was suffering from dementia and that her uncle Marcos was living at his mother’s condo.

    The woman said her Uncle Marcos lacked family allegiance and was out only to benefit himself and a narcissist. She said her grandmother’s other five sons and two daughters allowed her uncle Marcos to live at the condo after he went through a divorce because he had nowhere else to go. Robalino’s mother had since been moved into another of her son’s homes, as her mental health waned.

    But in 2015, not living up to the financial and maintenance obligations he had promised and agreed to when he moved in, an eviction proceeding by the family had been filed against him.

    In November after being evicted, Robalino presented a quitclaim deed apparently signed by his mother, giving him possession of the condo for $1.

    A number of family members explained to police investigator Paul DeRiu that Robalino’s mother had slipped so far mentally that her signature could not have been legally obtained.

    A judge at the Housing Session at the Norwalk Courthouse, where Robalino was evicted, would not recognize the document and Robalino’s eviction proceeded.