Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cops: Niece Made False Loan Modification Promises To Rip Off $46K In Mortgage Payments From Unwitting Aunt, Causing Victim To Lose Home Of 27 Years To Foreclosure

In Lakewood, Washington, KOMO-TV Channel 4 reports:
  • A Lakewood family has been torn apart by a suspected mortgage fraud. A Seattle woman is accused of cashing her aunt's mortgage checks instead of paying off the loan, and the aunt believes there are dozens of scam victims.

    Sue Kahawaii and her family had lived in their Lakewood home for 27 years. Now they say they've lost it to foreclosure because of the actions of a loved one, Alicia Shefchik. They say she spent the money on world travel and Super Bowls.

    Shefchik is a former mortgage consultant. She was in Pierce County superior court [] charged with the theft of $46,000 in mortgage payments. They were payments handed over to her by her aunt who traveled all the way from California to be there for the court appearance.
    This all started several years ago when Shefchik went to her aunt and said, "Hey I can rewrite your loan to get a better rate." Kahawaii says that's when the scam all started.

    Instead of placing the cashier's checks into the mortgage account, charging papers say Shefchik spent them on herself.

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