Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homeowner Slapped With Code Enforcement Violation Notice For Allowing Close Friend To Park RV On Premises & Live Out Of It

In Marion County, Oregon, KPAX-TV Channel 8 reports:
  • Property owners in rural Marion County who are providing temporary refuge for families displaced by the region's housing crisis have been told to cease and desist.

    Renee Glass, who has been allowing a close friend to park her recreational vehicle near her barn, said she received a notice from the county's code enforcement division informing her she was in violation of county ordinance.

    "I was shocked," Glass said. "They're here because they can't afford to pay park rent. They're here because they have family, support, friends."

    The county's letter to Glass outlined the complaints, stating that an RV cannot be inhabited on the property for more than 120 days and that it cannot be "hard-lined" to utilities.

    Glass contends that the people have been staying less than the 120-day limit, and said that utility hookups were all temporary, adding that the power was just from an extension cord.

    She said she is not the only one getting a notice from the county, either, adding that two of her neighbors were also [told] to stop housing people on their property.

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