Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Egyptian Woman Sues To Reestablish Her Ownership In $930K NYC Triplex After Putting Dad's Name On Deed (In Keeping With Egyptian Custom), Then Finding Herself Locked Out Of Her Home After His Alleged Physical Abuse

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the New York Daily News reports:
  • An Egyptian woman used part of a $2.3 million settlement with the city to buy a house and put her dad on the deed — a move in keeping with the country’s customs — only to find herself locked out after repeated abuse, a new lawsuit alleges.

    Walla Mohamed in 2011 bought a $930,000 triplex in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, shortly after receiving the payout. She was unmarried and without kids at the time.

    “Egyptian custom dictates that (Walla Mohamed) as an Egyptian woman is strongly encouraged to designate a male to represent or stand in for her in legal contracts in proceedings,” according to filings in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    When Walla Mohamed bought the house, her dad Abdallah Mohamed decided it was “in her best interest for her to include his name on the deed,” the suit says.

    Her dad — who’s lived there rent free since December 2011 — has not contributed a “single dollar” to the house’s purchase or upkeep, she claims.

    Walla Mohamed, 30, who is currently married with three kids, alleges her dad physically abused her “on more than one occasion.”

    In September, Abdallah Mohamed “maliciously beat (his daughter), striking her,” the suit also says.

    A man reached on a phone line listed to Abdallah Mohamed hung up on a Daily News reporter [].

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