Saturday, November 26, 2016

Former & Current Lot-Leasing Homeowners Tag Mobile Home Park Operators With Lawsuit Accusing Them Of Harassment That Led To Illegally Booting Over 100 Residents To Make Way For New Construction

In Boulder City, Nevada, the Boulder City Review reports:
  • Current and former residents of the Boulder City Mobile Home Park on Nevada Highway filed a class action lawsuit Oct. 18 claiming that the owner and manager of the park intentionally committed harmful and negligent acts that caused the evictions of over 100 residents.

    The lawsuit is individually suing RPS Properties, the Boulder City Trailer Park and the owner of the two companies along with his business partners and family. Randy Schams, his wife Christine Schams and his daughter Jackie Schams, who manages the trailer park, are each being sued.

    The lawsuit filed by Matthew Callister, attorney for the six one-time trailer park residents, states that Randy Schams and other employees of RPS Properties and the mobile home park cut off necessary utilities without notice, put illegal liens on residents’ homes, evicted residents without proper notice and illegally auctioned off homes.

    “The tenants of the mobile home park were never properly notified of Randy Schams’ intention of dismantling the park,” Callister said. “Nothing that has been done has been in compliance with Nevada law.”
    Callister said that the Schams’ actions were fraudulent because they continued to collect rent while never properly informing park residents that Randy Schams was planning to remove them to create townhomes on the property.

    Jackie Schams said that she and her father never lied to tenants and always properly informed them of their plans for the land.

    “When my father bought the land he did intend to keep it as a mobile home park,” Jackie Schams said. “But the costs and some of the people we had to deal with made our original intent impossible. We are still having issues with squatters and drug use in the park, and when the bad outweighed the good we notified everyone that we were no longer going to keep the area as a mobile home park.”

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