Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NYS Attorney/Politician Who Dodged Criminal Prosecution (Because Of Expired Statute Of Limitations) For Ripping Off Over $400K In Surplus Proceeds Held In Trust While Working As Court-Appointed Foreclosure Sale Referee Gets Five Years Prison Time For Lying To Feds When Questioned About Pilfered Loot

In Brooklyn, New York, the New York Post reports:
  • He’s sorry all right — but mostly for himself.

    Disgraced ex-state Sen. John Sampson waffled [last week] about how he’s been “suffering” because of his corruption conviction, as a judge sentenced him to five years behind bars.

    The once-powerful Brooklyn Democrat took a moment in his mostly self-serving statement to “apologize for my actions” — but failed to say sorry to the constituents that elected him to the very office he abused.
    A jury found the 51-year-old guilty of obstruction of justice and lying to the FBI about illegally skimming more than $400,000 from foreclosure deals he worked on as a court-appointed referee.

    Embezzlement charges against him were dropped ahead of trial because the statute of limitations ran out.
    The judge [] noted that Sampson — a now-disbarred attorney — was driven by greed, even though he and his wife earned hefty salaries.

    “What level of greed do you have to have to engage in this conduct?” she said.

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