Saturday, February 18, 2017

Marine Corps Vet/Single Mom Nearly Gets Boot From 'Section 8' Subsidized Apartment Over Paperwork Snafu, Slow-Footed Housing Authority; Bureaucratic Nightmare Triggered By $13 Rent Increase

In Kansas City, Missouri, KSHB-TV Channel 41 reports:
  • A Marine Corps veteran who receives housing assistance was facing eviction after her rent slightly increased.

    The amount was $13.

    Crystal Guhr was willing to pay it, but, she wasn't allowed to. That's because she receives housing assistance through HUD-VASH, a supportive housing program for veterans.

    Guhr lives at Old Town Lofts in downtown Kansas City.

    Per guidelines of the program, those who get assistance, are supposed to sign-off on a rent increase. The paperwork then gets sent to The Housing Authority of Kansas City.

    "Since I didn't get that signed in time, Section 8 didn't receive it in time," Guhr said. "They're denying it, saying they need 60 days notice."

    However, Guhr said she never received a notice from Old Town Lofts that her rent would be increasing. She said she wasn't aware there was an issue until she came home to an eviction notice.

    Guhr said she tried resolving the issue by contacting her landlord and her case worker, but she was told the approval letter from HAKC wouldn't be returned for months. By then, it would be too late.

    Guhr has non-combat PTSD. She finds strength in taking care of her son and working at the VA Medical Center.

    Keeping a job and taking care of her son are things she's able to do because of where she lives. Guhr doesn't have transportation, however, the bus stop is just feet from her apartment. Her son's day care is also located a few blocks away.

    "I feel like we really need to stay here," Guhr said. "Me and my son take the bus everywhere."

    The 41 Action News investigators went to Old Town Lofts to see if there was anything that could be done. No one would comment on the issue. A message was also left for HAKC, but that call went unreturned.

    However, the next morning, Old Town Lofts told 41 Action News the issue was resolved. Guhr confirmed that she and her son will be staying.
Source: KC veteran who receives housing assistance almost evicted over $13 (Unsigned paperwork leads to chaos).

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