Monday, March 06, 2017

Cops Search For Atlanta-Area Woman Suspected Of Online Scam Peddling Homes She Doesn't Own, Scoring Deposit$ From Unwitting Prospective Buyers

In Forest Park, Georgia, Fox 5 Atlanta reports:
  • Forest Park police are searching for a woman reportedly scamming would be homebuyers out of thousands of dollars. Investigators said she posted for sale houses she doesn't own on real estate websites, then collecting fees from people who want to purchases the homes.

    Christine Rawlins posted a house she didn't own for sale on the real estate website Trulia, according to police. On February 4, Rawlins met with a victim who contacted her expressing interest in the house. She reportedly told the victim she had power of attorney and was selling the house for her uncle. She was able to convince the victim to give her a $7,500 cashier's check as a down payment on the home.

    When Rawlins missed an appointment to turn over the title and house keys and couldn't be reached by phone two days later the victim went to the police.

    Police said Rawlins has re-listed the same home for sale on the Trulia site under a different name.

    Forest Park Police Sergeant Keli Flanigan told FOX 5, "She's still renting homes as a matter of fact."

    There's also a warrant out for the woman's arrest out of Clayton County on larceny charges.

    Joshua Kimbrough and his mom paid Christine Rawlins nine thousand dollars after seeing this Jonesboro house for sale on Craigslist last summer.

    "They said they was looking for first time buyers. We thought they were honest people basically," said Kimbrough.

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