Saturday, April 29, 2017

Living Conditions Stink For Lot-Leasing Homeowners In 'Sewage-Impaired' Mobile Home Community; Residents Finger Crappy Lift Station As Cause Of Sewer Back-Ups While Out-Of-State Landlord Blames Them For Using Toilets To Dispose Of 'Non-Flushable' Items (ie. Socks, Baby Wipes, Golf Balls, Etc.)

In Jacksonville, Florida, First Coast News reports:
  • In the Ortega Village mobile home community some of the residents are renters and the others are homeowners. But behind its attractive entrance there's an ugly problem.

    "It is nasty and makes my skin crawl," said Kameelah Haywood.

    It happens so often, residents have to remove the sewer clean out cap to get the stench and sewage out of their homes.

    "It is disgusting and it has been going on too long," she said. Haywood rents in Ortega Village. And like some of her neighbors she has experienced the sewer back ups. "I've been here a year and it has probably been five times where we have had sewage backed up into my toilet, and into the tub," she said.

    In the past management would dispatch plumbers, she said, but it would happen again and whatever they did was temporary. "It is my neighbor and the other neighbor, it is three of that I know of," Haywood said.

    Recently, the Mobile Home Park Management notified residents by flyer, "we are experiencing high volume of sewer back up due to non- flushable items...." The flyer identified those items as Socks, Shirts, Baby Wipes, golf balls, grease, etc.

    "I'm not putting any of those things down the drain so why would I have that problem?" Haywood asked.

    She and the other neighbors believe the problem is with the park's lift station. Haywood pays $650 a month in rent and said all she wants is a sanitary place she can call home.

    "I feel it is their problem they should take care of it," she said, "put me in another trailer or take care of the problem permanently."

    The community is operated by Michigan Based RHP properties and Bayshore Home Sales. Neither the corporate office nor the local management team responded to our request for comment.

    We have reported it to the Duval County Health Department and they're reviewing to see it this situation comes under its jurisdiction.

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