Friday, June 09, 2017

Home Repair Contractor Accused Of Felony Financial Exploitation Of The Elderly For Allegedly Overcharging Homeowner For Unneeded Work & Doing So By Making False Claims

In St. Joseph, Missouri, News-Press Now reports:
  • The owner of a home repair business was charged with felony financial exploitation of the elderly in Buchanan County.

    Prosecutors allege Michael Anthony Stewart, 43, attempted to deprive a homeowner of the use of her property. Stewart owns a company called Budget Home Repair of St. Joseph.

    Stewart told News-Press Now that he is “innocent and will have paperwork to prove it.”

    The homeowner had a sump pump failure and the defendant allegedly represented the cost of repairs to be $25,700. Stewart is alleged to have claimed failure to do so would require the homeowner to have to tear the property down, according to court documents.

    Richard Shelton, a St. Joseph Police Department detective, stated in court documents that Stewart overcharged for work not needed and did so by making false claims.

    Stewart was arraigned [] before Buchanan County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Robb. He appeared with his attorney, Michael Insco.

    Insco waived formal arraignment for his client and asked for a one-month delay to try and work the case out with Ron Holliday, the assistant Buchanan County prosecutor. [...] Stewart remains free on a $25,000 cash bond.
Source: Local businessman accused of exploiting elderly. home improvement contractor

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