Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Another Aging Attorney Gets The Pinch On Seven Embezzlement Counts, Suffers Law License Yank For Allegedly Glomming At Least $42K In Closing Funds Held In Escrow On Behalf Of 3rd Party In Real Estate Transaction

In Hopkinton, Massachusetts, the The Metrowest Daily News reports:
  • The state agency that oversees lawyers has disbarred a Hopkinton attorney for misusing a client’s money.

    As of May 22, Douglas W. Resnick has been disbarred, according to the Board of Bar Overseers.

    According to the board, Resnick has been an attorney since 1977, and during that time, he used money that was in escrow improperly.

    “Over a period of time, the respondent intentionally misused at least $42,000 in escrow funds that were to have been held by the respondent for the benefit of a third-party in a real estate transaction, with deprivation,” the board wrote.

    Resnick never paid the money back, the board said.(1)

    Resnick acknowledged that the board and the Supreme Judicial Court could conclude he violated the rules of law and sent an affidavit to the board seeking to resign as an attorney. The board accepted the resignation, disbarring him.
Source: Hopkinton lawyer disbarred.

For a story update, see MetroWest residents indicted by grand jury:
  • [T]he grand jury charged Douglas Resnick, 64, of Hopkinton, with seven counts of embezzlement by a fiduciary. The state Board of Bar Overseers recently disbarred Resnick, an attorney, due to allegations that he misused at least $42,000 from an escrow account meant to be held for a third party for real estate transactions. The board said Resnick never paid the money back.

    At Resnick’s May 24 superior court arraignment, Sullivan released him without bail, ordering Resnick to have no contact with witnesses. Resnick is due back in court on July 14 for a pretrial conference.  ripoff reimbursement
(1) For links to "attorney ripoff reimbursement funds" that will sometimes reimburse clients victimized by losses caused by the dishonest conduct of their lawyers, see:
Maps available courtesy of The National Client Protection Organization, Inc. ripoff reimbursement