Sunday, July 09, 2017

Attorney With Recent History Of Finding Himself In Hot Water Finally Gets Bar Boot After Allegedly Filching Over $200K From Minor Child's Trust Funds

In Nashville, Tennessee, the Nashville Patch reports:
  • A Tennessee Supreme Court panel disbarred a local attorney, alleging he wrote checks to himself out of the trust account of a minor client.

    Thomas McKinnie Jr., who at times has had offices in Davidson, Williamson and Rutherford counties, is accused of writing himself checks of more than $200,000, leaving a trust account's balance so low that the child was disenrolled from school because the tuition went unpaid.

    McKinnie can apply for reinstatement in five years. He must pay restitution.

    In 2015, McKinnie was suspended for one year after failing to pursue a case he told clients was moving forward, among other violations. He was suspended two years in 2013 for writing funds out of his trust account into his personal account. He had been previously disciplined for the same violation. He was also put on probation in 2011 for kiting checks between his law firm's account and his personal checking account.
Source: Midstate Lawyer With History Of Check Kiting Disbarred For Ripping Off Young Client (Local attorney Thomas McKinnie Jr. was disbarred for writing checks out of a trust account).
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