Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sleazy Ex-Real Estate Agent Gets Bagged For Allegedly Selling Home He Didn't Own; Victimized Out Of Over $5K, Couple Teams Up With Cops To Sting Culprit

In Cleveland, Ohio, The Plain Dealer reports:
  • Coty Houston and David Yost came across a house they loved on Craigslist. The couple and their five children had outgrown their two-bedroom apartment, and Houston was itching to get away from their old neighborhood that was bustling with drug activity.

    They loved the Brooklyn Centre home listed in the ad as soon as they saw it. When their five kids, ages 2 through 8, began planning what they wanted to do with the four-bedroom home, they knew they had to buy it.

    Their dreams of a new life were shattered when they discovered the man who sold it to them had no right to do so, according to police.

    Matthew Boros, 44, of Strongsville is charged with a fifth-degree felony count of theft by deception. The former real estate agent climbed through a window of the house and posed as the owner in order to scam the family out of more than $5,000, investigators said.

    Boros' real estate license was revoked in April after he failed to apply for renewal. It was suspended a year earlier for the same reason, according to the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing.
    They [] didn't know Boros was previously was convicted in Bedford Heights Municipal Court for a scam that involved renting the same house to two different tenants.
    Houston went to the Second District Headquarters []. She brought payment records and records of a contract Boros had them sign.

    The next day, they called Boros and told them they wanted their money back. Boros said he'd meet them and deliver more paperwork showing them he legally sold them the house.

    When he showed up and refused to return their money, detectives waiting around the corner drove up and took him into custody.

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